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URSULA on film Posted: 20/12/2012

Get the project perspective of URSULA consortium director Prof David Lerner and other URSULA academics, and see the cutting-edge landscape visualisation technology used in URSULA and recently featured in the New Scientist in action. 

URSULA visualisation videos Posted: 19/11/2012

URSULA used computer visualisation technology to communicate alternative designs for a riverside case study in the centre of Sheffield. To do this computer models were built which incoporated the different design elements of each development option. These enable the viewers to intuitively get a feel for the different options, an advantage over maps which are more abstract, requiring mental interpretation. Computer visualisations can be presented in a number of ways, including as static images and as videos. One used during URSULA were 'walk through' visualisations which can be navigated like a landscape in a computer game, and can even be viewed in 3D. By clicking the two images below you can view two alternative designs for River Wickerside in the centre of Sheffield.     


URSULA 'Sheffield City Council' Scenario

URSULA 'Streets' Scenario

The Five Weirs Walk: How Voluntary Action Transformed An Urban Riverside Posted: 20/08/2012

Cover of bookletA new booklet is now available below on the URSULA website that tells the story of the hard work and investment of time by volunteers that went into the establishment of the Five Weirs Walk, a public path and cycle route along the River Don in Sheffield. The booklet titled ‘The Five Weirs Walk: How Voluntary Action Transformed An Urban Riverside’ was produced in collaboration by URSULA researchers and the Five Weirs Walk Trust and can be downloaded here. Also see ‘A case of blood, sweat and weirs’, an article in the Star newspaper.



Launch of new university website for the Don Catchment Posted: 10/02/2012

Screen shot of the new Don Catchment websiteThe Don Catchment is one of the most well studied catchments in the UK, and is particularly interesting due to its urban and rural mix and its geological and topological diversity. A new website ( just been launched to showcase the Don catchment as a study system, and detail the various water-related research projects that use the catchment as a study system. Obviously there is a large overlap with the work of the URSULA project, which features as a case study on the new website.  It is hoped that the website might inspire new collaborations and future research within the catchment.

URSULA Research Bulletins - now available Posted: 13/12/2011

To disseminate the results of the URSULA project in a format that can be quickly and conveniently understood by people who don't have time to get to grip with the academic literature (e.g. practitioners of urban design), a series of bulletins are being produced which sumarise the findings of our research. To download the bulletins click here. More will be added as new bulletins are published.

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